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"There is and always will be only one classic love story: boy meets girl, girl gets boy into pickle, boy gets pickle into girl."
                                                         --Jack Woodford


Jack Woodford--The Greatest Writing Teacher Who Ever Lived!

Jack Woodford, the infamous pulp novelist and Hollywood screenwriter of the 30s and 40s, also wrote several hard-to-find books on how to write fiction. Far from today's touchy feely books on creative writing, Woodford gives the straight dope on getting published and tells you hopw to get it done. These unique books on writing and publishing, praised by Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, A.E. Van Vogt, Piers Anthony, and other big name writers, are back in print and available here. Also, for the first time in paperback, possibly Woodford's all-time best, the inimitable Autobiography of Jack Woodford, is now available. See the catalog for our complete selection of Woodford titles:

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Jack was a master of Rabelaisian wit and biting social sarcasm. Though his sex novels would probably barely make an R rating by today's standards, the themes and satire remain classic. Here's the first chapter of his 1932 novel Sin and Such:

Excerpt from Sin and Such (1932)

    "Jack, I explained to you that the
book must be full of sex."
    "But Sam, my God, where in the world
is there any more sex than there is in
that book; as a matter of fact there isn't
that much sex anywhere."
    "There's a lot of sex in that book, all
right, Jack, but it should start right away
with sex."
    "But Sam, it's right on the first page."
    "I know, Jack, but it's way down at the
bottom of the first page."

Jack Woodford, "Ars Gratia Artis," 1940


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